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What Is The Best Lock Alternative

What Is The Best Lock Alternative
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Have you ever think about what the world would be like without locks and keys? What would it look like? You know like that TV commercial for toilet paper and paper tissues where everybody are sneezing, coughing, getting their hands dirty and then have nothing to wipe them off with. What do you think, what this commercial would look like if it was based on the absence of locks and keys as opposed to absence of paper tissues and relevant paper products?

Doors without locks

What Is The Best Lock AlternativeIf doors did not have locks on them would they still be called doors? If you would not be able to close the door with the key, would it have any sense closing them at all? Yes off course, by closing them you would achieve apparent privacy but definitely not the needed security. And if privacy is everything that would come from the privilege of having the door, then the door would serve as a panel or a screen and thus this might be a name more appropriate for the same. Also without locks, you wouldn’t need the help of professional locksmith companies and locksmith service providers. There would be no more need for mobile locksmith services, 24 hour locksmith companies, lockout services, commercial lock repairs, office lock changes, office lock rekeys, emergency trunk openings and so many more other useful services. And even though at first this may sound like a good thing, no more services also means no more safety, no more optimal locks and highly sophisticated security systems.

Lock replacement

There is no way to replace locks. Locks have been in use for few thousand years and they are going to remain so for many more years to come. You can try to put a rock on your door and it will keep them close but you will definitely break a sweat once you try to open the same. - And what about your car? Can you put a rock on your car door or on your car trunk? No probably not! So the same way life would be terrible without paper tissues and products it would be equally terrible without locksmith industry. Yeah, maybe we would not have to wipe our noses with our sleeves if locks were gone but we would definitely be forced to drastically change our comfortable life styles as well as our whole perception on safety and security!

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