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Here are top questions relating to locks and locksmiths. Scroll below to learn more about our services.

How easily are locks repaired?

The level of lock repair difficulty depends on the problem. If you just have to adjust the strike plate in accordance with the bolt, it shouldn't be a hard task. Though, other problems related to the lock mechanism should be left to our expert technicians.

Why doesn't my door lock?

It might be a problem with the lock mechanism. It might be broken. The cylinder might need tightening. The bolt latch might need to be adjusted with the strike plate. The door itself might need adjustment or the seals might keep it from closing well.

Is it necessary for me to clean the locks of my home?

Beyond the routine maintenance of lubrication, there really is no reason to clean your locks other than if something was spilled onto it. For cases such as those, you can use a simple rag and a bit of water to fix the problem. Otherwise, there really is little reason to clean door locks.

Is a single locking mechanism per door enough?

This depends entirely on which part of the house that door opens to. Locksmith North Hollywood experts believe that a single lock is more than enough for most doors in your home except for the front as well as the back door. There has to be one more lock at the very least so that your safety is not compromised.

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